Wandern im Selketal

With its well-signposted hiking trails, the Selke Valley is a true paradise for anyone who enjoys hiking.



The Selketal nature reserve with its untouched nature, rare plants and animals is not only the gateway to the Harz Mountains, but also a vacation paradise for hikers, families, individualists and adventurers. Historical sights and monuments characterize the landscape.

Of course you will find the stamping points of the Harzer Wandernadel at many points in the Selke valley. The total walking route is 75 km and stretches from Stiege, Güntersberge, Straßberg, Silberhütte, Alexisbad, Mägdesprung, Meisdorf, Ballenstedt, Gernrode, Bad Suderode to Quedlinburg.


Harzgeröder KUGELsPASS

The HARZGERÖDER KUGELsPASS is an interactive adventure trail for young and old hiking enthusiasts with a total length of 9.8 km, which connects Harzgerode Castle with the Glasebach Strassberg Mine Museum. The starting point is the playground at Harzgerode Castle.

Another playground at the finish in Straßberg and eight stations along the adventure hiking trail with their ball tracks provide plenty of fun and interaction for hiking enthusiasts of all ages . There is also extensive information in words and pictures on the steles, supplemented by audio stations in several languages (for adults in German, Russian, Danish, English and Chinese) to encourage people to listen. There is a child-friendly explanation in German for children.



The 4 km long Waldhofmännchenweg is a section of the Selketal-Stieges and connects Alexisbad with the Waldhof Silberhütte. A total of 18 Waldhofmännchen along this section of the trail provide interesting facts about the forest, forestry and regional history.

Constant companions are Konrad Kauz, the mascot of the nature park, his little owl Raufuß and Josephine Auerberg, who is a sorceress. Together, the three friends experience adventurous stories, which they tell us in pictures.



This hiking trail, named after the most famous Ascanian Albrecht the Bear, who was buried in Ballenstedt Castle in 1170, connects Ballenstedt Castle with Anhalt Castle. This hiking trail takes its name from the historical buildings, as Anhalt Castle, located in the Selke Valley, also has a direct connection to Albrecht.

To emphasize this historical reference once again, a total of 12 panels have been erected along this route, providing popular scientific and entertaining information about Albrecht and his time.

A total of 70 waymarks show hikers the way from Ballenstedt Castle to Anhalt Castle and back. The hike starts at the model of Anhalt Castle at the castle parking lot in Ballenstedt.


Naturerlebnispfad Meisdorf

On this wonderful hiking trail, you follow the course of the Selke from Meisdorf to the Selkemühle.

Young visitors in particular can look forward to an adventure with the nature park mascots Josephine Auerberg and Konrad Kauz at almost every one of the 36 stations. They tell us what there is to discover in little stories. The two large wooden figures mark the entrance to the Selke Valley hiking area not far from the Annenbrücke bridge in Meisdorf. From there, the route leads through the Selke valley to the Selkemühle mill – always along the banks of the beautiful Selke. If you don’t feel physically challenged enough when hiking alone, you are welcome to use the equipment on the integrated fitness trail. Further along the trail, three adventure stations invite you to discover nature in a completely different way!

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